Sunday Ramblings Vol.7

*Sunday Ramblings is a weekly post where we share our personal anecdotes and thoughts. These posts won’t necessarily be directly related to In the Rough, but the likelihood is that they will be while creating a transparent look into the business.*

*This is Volume 7*

Let’s change pace today. In The Rough isn’t moving quickly, and it’s completely my fault. I’m getting more hours at work and I’m not used to working this much and juggling other things. Like making things, and swimming, and planning a vacation, and sleeping, and finding time to spend with friends. I’ll get a new routine, I know I will, but until then some things need some give.
Right now there’s inventory for some items, Etsy is up, I have my ever-growing to-do list, so I can sit back and let things work for themselves for at least a few weeks. In the meantime I’ll read some of the Etsy Handbook, I’ll fit swimming into my schedule (without feeling overwhelmed), and I’ll try to sleep – because I love to sleep. My bed is the comfiest! 🙂

Anyhow, lack of sleep and an utterly too early morning has me grasping at words. Time to watch some mindless tv, work on my Low Poly Craft raccoon and sooner rather than later get to sleep.


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