Sunday Ramblings Vol.9

*Sunday Ramblings is a weekly post where we share our personal anecdotes and thoughts. These posts won’t necessarily be directly related to In the Rough, but the likelihood is that they will be while creating a transparent look into the business.*

*This is Volume 9*

Did you notice the lack of posts lack week? I hope you did but are too shy to say anything! 😉 I took the week off… Easter, ya’know? I don’t celebrate, but thanks for asking.

Tonight I want to let everyone know that our next product is really really close to being ready! We’ve got our first mock-up, which often takes much longer to make than the ones following it, but it’s done and it’s ready and it will shine, brightly I might add, for you! It’s a lamp! A really pretty, up-cycled and handmade lamp! Can we all say ‘Eeeeeee!!!!!!’ all together now?! I know I’m excited, I hope you are too! Pics incoming.

How’s Spring treating all of you?


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