Birth of In the Rough

Ack!!! First post, kind of weird this is actually on the move.  Dana and I (Scott) have been talking about doing this for a few years now and the time has come.  Before we get ahead of ourselves let us introduce ourselves:

Dana – She is in constant identity crisis mode, toggling between seasoned retail veteran, business student, expert on fitting bras and all things lingerie, and a regular lurker at the local craft shows. The artistic brains behind In the Rough, sometimes too imaginative for reality, she hopes our products bring a smile to your face. Years of toying with a love of handmade products has finally brought her here – a passion for the eclectic.

Scott – I am an academic researcher in nonlinear optics by day and tinkerer by night.  I have keenly developed my place as a jack of all trades ranging from programming, photography, fountain pen restoration and use, woodworking, and basic metal working.  I am the brawn to Dana’s creative brains.  I may overthink things from time to time but it is all to ensure Dana’s vision and help bring those smiles to your faces.

In the Rough is our attempt to reach out into the world around us and create beautiful treasures from sometimes the most unlikely of places.  Keep an eye out for posts on product successes and failures and where to find our little creations and restorations.

Signing off for now


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