What’s in a Name?

Do you ever think about where a name comes from? Do you wonder if there’s a special meaning behind the name, or merely a ‘good idea’ that came to among friends? I love asking people about the inspiration behind things they name – pets, businesses, cars, or if they’re anything like me, random inanimate objects. I like knowing what’s behind a name, the story, the reasoning.

So, before you ask, here are some reasons why In the Rough came to be:

  • Our launch product is/was a diamond. Not a real one (in the carbon under pressure sense), but one made of wood. Many beautiful diamonds made of many different types of wood. We are thisclose to launching our next product – a yoga mat/blanket/beach towel carrier made of leather – so diamonds are not our one and only.
  • The things we have decided to create all start as something a little different than they end up, a little… rougher. Blocks of wood cut and sanded to show off the grain in geometric shapes. Sheets of leather hand cut, dyed and put together to give you a streamlined carrier. Up-cycled glass to catch the light and hold plants or candles. Before and during production, our offerings spend a lot of time ‘in the rough’ before becoming your treasures.
  • If you’ve read my last post, you know that this business has been years in coming. You could say that I have been in a state of limbo and finally am finding a way out (I can’t speak for Scott on this point) and am finding my full potential, just like our products are while they’re being handcrafted. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s 3am and I’m emotional after watching Father of the Bride 🙂
  • In the making of a brand and image, I wanted something that could relate to anyone and to many different items. Even though I believe I’ll continue to go back to diamonds time and time again, the words ‘in the rough’ mean so much more.

There it is. I know there will be moments of frustration and times of clarity, and I hope that throughout all of it, I’ll be able to think back to this moment and remember that In the Rough is so much more to me than the things we make.

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