Sunday Ramblings Vol.3

*Sunday Ramblings is a weekly post where we share our personal anecdotes and thoughts. These posts won’t necessarily be directly related to In the Rough, but the likelihood is that they will be while creating a transparent look into the business.*

*This is Volume 3*


One of my favourite things to do while out and about is to think about what the people around me are thinking or where they’re going, or about how their day is going. Does anyone else do that? Leave my curiosity to my retail experience, where you’re constantly having to remind yourself that you don’t know what’s going on in the life of someone else – especially when that someone else isn’t particularly respectful or courteous to you during the interaction. Keeping this in mind, I enjoy creating make-believe lives for some people. I remember one such incident, on a subway car in Brooklyn, where I annoyed Scott to no end with my semi-tipsy stories about the other passengers. I gave one couple the story of being on their second or third date (they must’ve seemed awkward); another couple of being married for too long, having nothing more to talk about; and a large, muscular man the story that he was a sensitive ballet dancer, but few people saw beneath his intimidating stature to see his true self. I definitely know how to keep myself entertained!

I like to think that everyone is always having a great day, and where I work it’s quite easy to see how one might think that. We don’t often get customers who take out their frustrations or bad news on us. Normally, it’s the opposite. People are happy, friendly and sprouting compliments and positive inflections on the space and what they find. It makes each day go by quickly and makes going to work a pleasure.
I feel the same way about what I’m doing with In the Rough. I enjoy making what I make and I hope that people can see or read into that, and want to add the things we make to their happy life stories.


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